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What People Say

I have recently completed my Calm and Confident program with Yvonne and can’t recommend her highly enough. I had 6 sessions over an 8 week period. I have struggled for years with my weight and health, always finding excuses not to keep up the diet, I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in all my joints, I have also hit the menopause … which was just another excuse not to exercise. Yvonne has helped me enjoy my food again and showed me how to eat only when hungry, no foods are off limits which makes it so easy.. and I love telling everyone I never need diet again.. it’s so liberating! I now drink plenty of water and feel satisfied with a small piece of chocolate whenever I fancy some… I don’t have to eat the whole bar any more … I’ve had a few visits to restaurants and a pizza night with friends During our 8 weeks and I’ve still managed to lose almost a stone in weight (I hope to have lost another 3 before Christmas.) Yvonne also guided me on a journey into the control room of my brain and showed me how to turn down my hot flushes and how to control my pain. My hot flushes are now practically gone and my fibromyalgia pain is almost non existent.. I haven’t had any flare ups since meeting with Yvonne but feel confident that I can control the pain if/when I do. Yvonne has given me all the tools I need to move forward and if I feel like I’m slipping back into my old habits I will be straight back to see her for a top up session. If you are ready to resolve your problems and are in need of guidance or help navigating your way through a difficult situation… this is the lady to see…


*Calm and Confident Package Pricing Plan

After years of hypnotherapy which has helped , I still suffered from bouts of anxiety. Seeing Yvonne and her unique approach has been a life changer. Yvonne knew what I was lacking and provided support and guidance. I’m happy and confident through the coaching and techniques she has given. I would wholly recommend her to anyone


Thank you Yvonne for all of your help, I know I wouldn't be feeling the way I do now without you. I came to you at a really difficult time, I was feeling really lost. But with your guidance, hypnotherapy and the tools you shared with me, I am feeling so much better. I feel like I know what I need to do to feel happy again and I'm already taking steps in the right direction. I will be recommending you to friends as what you offer is truly life changing. Thank you.


I went to see Yvonne for a hypnotherapy and EFT tapping session at a bit of a crossroads in my life. I instantly felt calm and relaxed as we spoke about what was going on for me. This was such a relief as talking about personal issues can be awkward, but I obviously found the right person. The coping tips that Yvonne gave me were also a real game changer for me and I feel confident about moving forward as a result. The session helped me enormously and I would definitely recommend. Thank you so much!


A very interesting session into past life regression. The environment was very calm and relaxed.  Yvonne has a lovely soothing peaceful voice which guided us through the session.  Although I didn’t get any personal messages from any past lives this time, I did get a strong message from my deeper self on my life today which was very unexpected.  I enjoyed the experienced and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in past life regression.


*group past life regression

I was treated on two separate occasions for different complaints. I have been pain-free from both ailments ever since. Yvonne put me completely at ease. She has my highest recommendation


I was having problems with grieving, had a one on one with Yvonne who guided me in the right direction would wholly recommend her.


If you have ever wanted to try Hypnotherapy then book in to see Yvonne. Yvonne has the ability to put people at ease which allows a deep relaxation. Her sessions are thoughtful and planned out to suit your needs. Highly recommend in person or online


I experienced my first online group hypnosis session this week and loved it. Yvonne is so professional and took time to explain what I would likely experience before I took the decision to join. I felt comfortable and safe during the session and can feel the lasting benefits

SG *group hypnosis

Yvonne is so very intuitive, calming, and professional. After just one session with Yvonne, I realised the benefit of hypnotherapy. Yvonne's ability to deliver positivity with all of life's challenges is so innate in her personality. I've signed up for more sessions and would totally recommend you do too


*group hypnosis

I recently completed a 3-session package with Yvonne and would highly recommend her. She absolutely understood what I needed, and provided me with some fantastic tools to help with calming and public speaking. I found it really easy to get into hypnosis as she really made me feel comfortable and had a very calming voice. And it worked! Thanks so much Yvonne!


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